Children’s Dentist in Liverpool, NY

Welcome to Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry, where we offer leading dental care for families of all sizes and ages. If you have been searching online for “kid’s dentist near me,” you have come to the right place. Dr. Saini and the expert staff at our practice are skilled in helping kids remain calm, comfortable and entertained while receiving checkups or treatments.

Dental Care Guidelines for Kids

We encourage you to bring your child to our office for an initial dental appointment by the time he or she turns 1 year old. Even if your child’s teeth haven’t erupted yet, early dental visits can help us analyze his or her dental development. If any problems are noted during this initial visit, we can create a treatment plan that will allow us to correct dental problems down the road, before they become major oral issues.

Our General Dentistry Services

In addition to treating your child and teaching healthy dental habits that will facilitate good oral health throughout life, we also offer adult dental treatment in Liverpool, NY. This means you can bring your kids to the same dentist you visit, which can save you time and money and make it easier to keep track of insurance claims. Our general dentistry services include fillings, teeth whitening, general cleanings, and other common family dental procedures.

What To Expect For Your Child

When you take your child to a kid’s dentist for the first time, you can expect the appointment to be fairly brief. Generally, we will examine any erupted teeth to make sure they are healthy. We also clean the teeth and gums of our littlest patients and explain basic oral hygiene to them. The goal of the first appointment is to help children understand that dental care is not scary and that it’s important for their health. If problems like cavities are detected during the first visit, we will help you schedule a follow-up treatment appointment. We offer mild sedation options to help nervous children feel calm and experience minimal discomfort during treatment.

Schedule Your Appointment

Whether you need general dentistry in Liverpool, NY or you’re ready to schedule your child’s first appointment with our gentle and personable pediatric dentist, call Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry during regular business hours or book your appointment online.