Dental Fillings at Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry

At Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry, we know how important it is to help children achieve optimal oral health. Even though baby teeth fall out eventually, it’s still essential for your child to learn good habits for oral health at a young age. We offer children’s dentistry services that include everything from oral hygiene education to fillings. Although getting a filling may seem scary to little ones, we do everything we can to make sure all our pediatric patients are comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk through the door of our practice.

What To Expect

We frequently recommend fillings if we’ve performed a thorough dental exam in Liverpool NY and discovered damage or decay in one or more teeth. We will usually help you schedule a return appointment to remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and replace it with a filling. Dental fillings are made from a composite material that is the same color as real teeth. Fillings are very durable and function just like real teeth.

During filling placement, we numb the treatment area to minimize discomfort, then attach the filling in stages to the tooth. Our skilled dentist uses special tools to mold the filling into a natural tooth shape. A special ultraviolet light helps to harden the material quickly. Dr. Charu Saini then smooths away any rough corners and makes sure there are no protruding areas that cause pressure when the patient bites down. Most patients can use their teeth normally as soon as the local anesthetic wears off.

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If your child has a damaged tooth or is experiencing tooth pain, contact our practice to receive our Liverpool NY family dentistry services. From sedation dentistry to cavity removal and fillings, we’ll do everything we can to provide your child with gentle and effective dental care for improved oral health.