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Professional Teeth whitening is a cost-effective and efficient dental procedure that provides immediate visible results. You can walk into our office with dull, yellowing teeth and walk out with a bright, polished smile. For celebrities, professional teeth whitening is a routine part of their personal upkeep, but thanks to affordable rates at Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry, you too can afford that movie star smile!

Anatomy of Teeth

The visible part of your teeth is called enamel, and underneath that layer is what we call dentin. The color and thickness of both enamel and dentin create the different shades of teeth you normally see. If the enamel layer on your tooth is thin, then more of the dentin is visible. Since Dentin is usually yellow or gray hued, the teeth appear stained. With age, the enamel also starts to become dull or stained, which impacts how white your teeth appear.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

Because of the varying thickness of Enamel vs. Dentin, genetics obviously plays a big part in the appearance of our teeth. However, external influencers can also stain or yellow your teeth over time. The usual suspects are:

  • Dark liquids like coffee, tea, wine, and alcohol
  • Curries, tomato sauces, berries—foods that would stain a white tablecloth
  • Consumption of Tobacco products or Chews
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Aging or wear and tear.

Professional Teeth Whitening Will Brighten Your Smile!

Professional in-office whitening at Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry is an excellent and affordable solution to bring the sparkle back in your smile! Dr. Charu Saini’s uses tested and proven whitening gel products, and adjusts the treatment based on the condition of your teeth. Her treatments are painless, are known to be effective and take between 30-90 mins. Your teeth whitening results will be noticeably attractive immediately after the procedure.

Post the whitening procedure, we recommend avoiding foods and liquids with pigmentation and or staining capability. To maintain your whiter smile, we recommend avoiding or reducing your exposure to the usual suspect list above.

Are You Ready for a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

If you are interested in a quick dental makeover with dramatic results for yourself or a loved one, please contact us at Mapleridge Children & Adult Dentistry in Liverpool, NY to schedule an appointment.


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